Not what I'm doing at Juniper

I don't often make technical blog posts (ok, lately I don't often make posts), because two of the three people who read my blog don't really care.  But sometimes it's nice to be able to brag about what I'm doing at work.  Besides, last post I promised to talk about what I'm doing.

Since then, I haven't made any posts, because I didn't have the time to say what I was doing at work.  Which is stupid, really.  You three people don't read my blog because it's got juicy technical details; that's for the rest of the masses, and they don't care what I might have said I was going to post about until I post it.  I've had other things to write about, but since I said I'd write about work, I didn't want to write about anything else.  I several times thought, "Ooh, I should blog about this!" and then thought, "No, I said my next post would be about my work at Juniper."

Well, I am hereby renouncing that commitment.  What's more, I am advising you three (tonight's loyal fans) to take anything I might tease about as merely speculation on future topics, and not be sure I won't write about something completely different first.

So there.  I've just freed myself to write about other stuff.  I don't really know why I felt it necessary to maintain an obligation that nobody cares about; why would anybody care if I put some posts in between the previous post (when I said I'd talk about my Juniper work) and the future post when I actually do, is totally beyond me.  I just did feel that it's necessary, so now I can go on with more regular posts.

Except it's late and I'm going to bed instead of subjecting you to more of my incredibly convoluted late-night grammar.


Unknown said…
Make that: three of the four people who read your blog don't really care about the technical stuff.

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