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LEGO International Space Station

Yay! My  LEGO International Space Station model  finally arrived! As I eagerly assembled it, I realized that I really don't know much about the ISS today, or what the different parts of the model were. Fortunately, with the help of NASA's excellent pamphlet  Reference Guide to the International Space Station  and Wikipedia , I was able to learn a whole lot! Pressurized Modules The ISS is designed and assembled from the inside out, so that's a good way to look at it. The most interesting parts are right in the middle; these are the parts of the model that are mostly grey and black. I printed out this diagram for reference; these are the major habitable modules, and are really the best landmarks for getting around the ISS. This photo shows how these are arranged on the model. I've also included a compass of sorts: forward is the front of the ISS, the direction that most of the LEGO box art shows as the front. Like on a ship, aft is the back, port is left, and st

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