Good Friends

I was thinking that I should make a post today, and was wondering what.  I was trying to think of cheery topics, and looked at my blog to get ideas.  Then the Google ads were one for losing fat, and one for help with alcohol & depression.  Boy, how cheery can you get?

Actually, quite so.  In the last several weeks, I've gotten in touch with a lot of friends who are very dear to me.  People I haven't heard from in years and years.  Some of them contacted me, I contacted some of them.  Most of this has been over Facebook or MySpace, one was on this blog which led to some emailing (and there'll be more of that, I promise!), one I got to visit in person while I was in Texas (rock on!), others I've only spoken with on the phone.  But it really seems like the stars have aligned for reopening old friendships!

Really, think of everybody who's ever been your life who has their own big mansion in your heart.  Then imagine getting to visit with each of them, over the span of a couple of weeks.  It's been an incredibly special time for me lately.

I'm gonna be grinning like a fool for a long time now.


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