Yesterday's Beans

Okay, yesterday's post was evidently more tantalizing than I meant for it to be. I started by saying that I wasn't talking about my new friend. Well, that seems to have been raising questions among my other friends, so I've been getting bugged to talk about it.

Well, not from all of my friends. Some of my friends were there, some of them are too polite to pry, some are so busy that we haven't talked since then, but this is not an exclusive partition of my friends. So m3tus, this post is for you.

The thing is, it's not like there's anything scandalous that would make Matt Drudge drool. I just talked to my new friend about some problems she's been going through. I thought those problems might make for an interesting post, but her problems are hers to tell the world, not mine. That's all.


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