Noogler, Day 4: Exhausted!

By now, you may have noticed that my Day 4 log is rather later than the previous days' have been. You may have also noticed that the picture of my Noogler balloons has been replaced by a different one.

Thursday was fun, if a bit routine. In the morning, I attended an all-hands strategy announcement. After that, I attended classes.

Partway through my last class— about 14:00— a sudden wave of exhaustion fell over me. I mean, I was just barely able to sit upright (although I still was able to get some questions in). I had a little bit of time to talk to my officemates (who showed me how to check my calendar remotely, huzzah!), but soon went on to the gym.

I was a little bit disappointed about the timing... there was a BBQ cookoff right when I was supposed to go to the gym. So I missed that. Ah, well.

After my workout, I decided to go home, take a nap, and then get back to work. Well, that was the plan. Custer had a plan, too.

I did get home, and take a nap at about 18:30. When I woke up, about 03:45 the next morning, I decided that was a stupid plan, and went back to sleep.

I'm making this a pretty short entry, since I have class soon. But the night's sleep was good for me, and I'm now sitting in a coffee shop with a cup of Jasmine tea, alert and ready to go.

But that'll be for tonight's entry.


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